Some of the most innovative projects in strategy, technology & design are waiting for you

At Wildstyle, you are working on creative solutions for the challenges faced across today's ever-changing business landscape. Whether you are a junior designer or a senior Drupal specialist we might have the challenge you've been waiting for.

Open positions

Diverse teams in exciting locations

We're looking for all kinds of people. Our teams in Berlin, Dresden, New York City and Shanghai complement each other with a variety of technical and creative skills. Learn more about our different teams:

Design & UI/UX

As a designer you ideate and develop creative and functional concepts for digital applications and for both on and offline campaigns. Get ready to play a little idea-finding ping-pong with our concept team!

See UI/UX references

Digital & engineering

Our digital and engineering team delivers solutions to every digital challenge – from the microsites to comprehensive user applications and complex digital ecosystems.

Visit digital ecosystems

Strategy & consulting

With our extensive knowledge of strategies and tactics, our consultants advise companies and their top management. Our developed tools help to better understand strategic development.

Product development

Strategic and creative minds shape and develop our steadily growing product portfolio. Our product managers turn manual processes into fully automated software solutions. This is where innovation, logic, and imagination come together.

Project & account management

The effectiveness of any campaign depends on a strategic and disciplined mix of client service and project execution. For that reason,​​​​​​​ our project and account teams work together to help projects reach their full potential.

Social media, content & campaigns

Our social media team not only manages fans and followers across the world but also supports social media for some of the top 10-ranked engagement brands in Germany and Europe.

Our social media work

Film & Film Ventures

Our aim is to create and communicate the narrative of our clients' vision and products to their intended audience, regardless of their location. Our approach involves utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as 2D, 3D, 360°, AR and VR to bring these stories to life.


We develop and implement new digital strategies and solutions for our clients, including the development of new digital products, services, and platforms, as well as the optimization and improvement of existing ones.

Awards for our work

The biggest challenges require a high degree of determination and creativity. We have demonstrated this for our clients with multiple awards. However, it's not our goal to win as many as possible – we see it as a regular checks and balances of our work.

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    Wildstyle Network as Kununu best employer

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    Design awards

    Awards for Microsoft, Leica Camera etc.

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    Social media

    For Windows and Xbox, we won more than 10 awards

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    Event awards

    Best of events, New York festivals have already been brought home

Perks & benefits of being a Wildstyler

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    Mentoring program

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    Coaching & further education

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    Employer-funded pension

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    Bike leasing & monthly ticket for public transport

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    Flat hierarchies & transparency

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    Home office

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    Fruitbar, softdrinks & lunch catering

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    "Kribbeln" & other team events

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    Inspiring working atmosphere in our agency loft

Our culture

The team has developed...

In 2013, during our annual "Kribbeln" - our team offsite event - we captured our team spirit, values ​​and ways of working at Wildstyle in the form of a culture book.

Team life

Our jobs are not just jobs

For us it's more than just a job - it's a culture and a community. Besides our annual "KRIBBELN", our team offsite, we organize other events throughout the year including: Barbecues on the Elbe river, movie nights, and even a football tournament.

Our startups help us innovate

WSN angel program

Because of our startups, which are financed and partly developed by us, we constantly learn new things for our daily agency work. Above all, with that we test business models, mechanisms, technologies, and communication ideas for their marketability.

Employee development

Having a personal plan is crucial for success

We have created a sustainable four-pillar concept that enables hardworking and motivated Wildstylers to earn promotions, raises, extra trainings and more. We believe in developing and motivating our employees at every step of their career path.

Meet your new team

If you love to work on national and global challenges, then meet our leadership team and let them answer your burning questions. We are just about to start. Come and meet us to learn more!

We've built the world's greatest team and our first amendment is to grow our diverse teams mentally and in terms of their skills. Putting the We over the Me. I'm passionate about digital entrepreneurship, design, technology and personal learning curves. If you want to connect, say hello on LinkedIn.

People follow ideas and I‘m committed to always train our team‘s creative muscle. You can expect of me an open mind for fresh ideas while I'm dedicated to being a good mentor and a realistic optimist. My heart beats for modern leadership and leaders in environments of change and transformation.

It's my pleasure to meet you as Wildstyle's team developer and COO – a member of the management board. My goal is to mentor teams and individuals to meet everday's challenges. I'm taking care of excellence in executing our clients' strategy. We can chat about travel, Airbnb. Hello!

As Wildstyle's director "for all digital things", I'm responsible for our tech stack as well as keeping standards, managing the output and accelerating our team skills. While I value quality and new fresh ideas, I'm not only living in Jira – hiking the Alps and Saxony is a good conversation starter.