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With creative content, an international team of experts, and years of experience with global brands, we ensure that users stay continuously and measurably in touch with brands, people, and products.

Award-winning social media work for international clients

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Social media services

Wildstyle Network's social channel management team is located in Berlin, Dresden and New York City. We're helping clients to navigate multiple regions, platforms and channels to nurture and build community.

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    Strategy & consulting

    Audit, consulting, strategy development

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    Content creation

    Blog, social media, content factory

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    Influencer relations

    Influencer pool, scoring, algorithm & co-creation

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    Real-time analytics

    Social listening & monitoring (competitors, benchmarks & executive reportings)

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    Crisis management

    Social media rapid fire management, monitoring

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    Social media program

    Installations, live event coverage, content production, app development & community management

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    Social media advertising

    Media consulting & management, advertising setup, monitoring, performance reports

Up to 75% of your potential for RoI, engagement and greater reach is unused

Our experts define possible KPIs and evaluate the current performance of your social media profiles. Years of experience and analysis tools help us identify untapped potentials and develop measures, social media user journeys, new personas and segments. The free analysis is aimed at medium-sized and large-sized companies.

Social media expertise highlights

With unique ideas, a strong understanding of the target group, and sustainable social media implementation in corporate communications, we lead market leaders in B2B and B2C to success:

Awards & creativity

Together with our clients, we have won international excellence awards and awards for both our B2B and B2C clients:

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    Leica product launch

    ​​​​​​​Yearbook of Advertising & Silver Dolphin of Cannes

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    Windows new platforms

    Since 2005 regularly in global rankings – From NY festivals to best of events

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    Xbox love

    Annual Multimedia Award

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    A heart for nerds

    German Multimedia Award & Microsoft Global Best Practise

Meet our new business team

It's my pleasure to meet you as Wildstyle's team developer and COO – a member of the management board. My goal is to mentor teams and individuals to meet everday's challenges. I'm taking care of excellence in executing our clients' strategy. We can chat about travel, Airbnb. Hello!

Email: anja.neufert

Phone: +49 351 7962502

It's my pleasure to meet you as Wildstyle's content and concept lead. My goal is to get the best out of my team to meet everday's challenges. I'm taking care of excellence in executing our clients' strategy. We can chat about books or podcasts. Hi!

Email: nicole.kirchner

Phone: +49 351 7962523

Follow our thoughts to current social media challenges

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Latest influencer strategies for brands

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