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of accidents are caused by kids

of accidents happen to kids afoot

of accidents happen to kids by bicycle

The project aims to change that and lower these numbers by using innovative approaches which combine the psychology of learning, human recognition, 360 scenes and technology.

Interactive VR is unique and unlike any other medium

Interactive VR has the power to enhance foresight in traffic and avoid accidents project Collision Zero will research how effective an immersive VR environment is for young peoples' learning.

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    Data based on 4.5 million accidents

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    360 degrees video sphere

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    Educating the most vulnerable road users

Experience the 360° video of accident prevention

Real accidents can be viewed from different perspectives in 3D, even without VR glasses. Time controlled data points (PoI) explain why and what happened in the right moment. The platform will be made freely available to the public end of this year!

*Requires only a browser like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, that supports 360° video; no plugins; usage with cursor; active VR mode using a VR device is optionally


Our partners from the digital economy, science and the federal ministry of transport

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Innovative accident prevention training

To improve road safety and digitalize schools

PAPS-XR was our pilot research project commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMDV) to increase the awareness of school children to the dangers of road traffic. Young people are addressed, as they are among the most vulnerable road users. The project was finalized in March 2022 and moving on to the major follow-up project Collision Zero.

Cutting-edge technology

For the highest level of interactivity, immersion & visual fidelity

We implement 360-degree video recordings of real traffic situations into an interactive 3D video player software. Schoolkids experience this world through VR glasses. They can move around the environment and interact with each other. A significant advantage in understanding the different traffic participants is the ability to switch into each perspective and viewpoint. Innovative and digital formats like these are also portable to other cases in the future.

The projects huge data base

Around 4.5 million accident data

Collision Zero project creates typical accident scenarios for pedestrians and cyclists from one of the largest traffic accident databases in Germany. It identifies accident blackspots and typical accident scenarios for young pedestrians and cyclists. The evaluated data is processed for use in the technical interfaces and forms the basis of the virtual 3D accident situation.

"Wildstyle Network provides an innovation platform to create digital ecosystems for companies and products. This platform establishes a philosophy that shapes product- and cooperate objectives and has helped this project incredibly!"

Virtual reality (VR) itself can be seen as a computer-generated illusion of a real world, while augmented reality (AR) can be seen more as an addition to the real world through computer-generated overlays. Perfect virtual reality deceives the human senses so that it is indistinguishable from the real world.

Marc Ebner

German professor of computer science, 2018

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