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We are an international agency for digital transformation and creative digital marketing

Our excellent work is measurable and reaches people - digitally and in real life. With our global investments in start-ups and the development of our own software products, we work sustainably on the greatest and

crucial challenges of our time. Our philosophy is simple. We want to create groundbreaking work that works and is desired by people. Solutions, whether creative or digital or creative-digital, must

move the entrepreneurial needle. It must be measurable, result-oriented and open to optimization.

~ Anja Neufert, COO

Wildstyle Network is confetti and a matter of the heart at the same time.

Katharina Knufke

Senior Project Manager

Our culture is global – so are our Wildstylers

With Wildstylers at four locations, from over seven nations, we pursue a sustainable, global principle. Our exceptional flexibility, proven willingness to take risks, personal development, team spirit and trust in our teams are what make our work possible. And accelerate the business of our clients - before, during and after the curve!

Iconic experiences need scalable digital ecosystems

We are one of the few digital creative companies that provide clients with hybrid teams on an international scale

Wildstyle Network is a partnership that hosts all business critical services and independently cooperates closely with global technology vendors. When we started our mission during the Dot Com crisis in 2002, we quickly learned how the

combination of scalable digital architectures, business modeling, design and coding excellence will separate the sustainably successful from the old economy. Wildstyle Network's venture fund as well as owned & operated software products fuel

the technical experience modern companies need to succeed in automotive, consumer, financial or any other challenging industry.

~ Ralf Halgasch, Digital Director

We believe that diversity, inclusivity, openness and constant work on ourselves are part of our everyday job and life.

251 hours
20 years
5 languages
7 x

Our wishes to clients

Wildstylers use their extraordinary and diverse skills and experience exclusively for modern, solution-open brands and companies that want to change something. Well-founded and proven solutions are just as much a part as experiments. Design and creative ideas are based on the best work in the industry. We would like our clients to meet these challenges. With us.

Because we change brands and companies, we demand the same change from ourselves: We give back to the community - as much as we benefit from it. Our sustainability agenda, time and money donations and investments in sustainability projects around the world show how serious we are about it. Of course, we wouldn't be great consultants if we did not offer this service and many years of experience to our clients.

Our CSR services

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