Why university marketing is important for companies

Students have a large and broad social network. They are also generally open-minded towards products and services. With their growing purchasing power, students can get introduced and connected to brands for the long term. In addition, their academic careers make them indispensable as future employees for human resource marketing and employer branding.

2.9 million
320 thousand
426 x
122 billion €/year

How companies score with generation Z

Students are a demanding target group that critically questions brand messages and measures. In order to reach the target group authentically, it is important to know the needs, usage habits, and values of Generation Z very well. From awareness, to change of perception, to conversion - only customized campaigns will lead to the desired success. How can something like this look like? Take a look at our university marketing references.

We support companies and brands in university marketing

Our know-how goes beyond classic university marketing on campus. We know the specifics of the university ecosystem and the pain points of students.

For 15 years, we have been designing marketing programs, campaigns, and products for and on campus, digitally and "on the ground", which have a long-term impact on the student target group. In doing so, we have won numerous awards for our campaigns and solutions.

From insights and analysis to strategy

We go deep

A requirements and persona analysis, as well as a competition check are standard for us. Joint workshops for strategic orientation will then lead to an overall understanding. We develop the concepts cross-medially and adapt to the target group. Our holistic consulting also includes the fine-tuning of a marketing program for students.

Design, video & digital solutions

Everything your campaign needs

From visual campaign ideas, web and app design, production of campaign materials, social media for students, animations, and video documentation – our in-house design and video team hits the current spirit of the times with precision for the target group while being "ahead of the curve". Together with the WSN digital team, there are also no limits to digital solutions and innovation.

Social media, content creator & influencer

We are where the target group is

We live and love social media and know the right levers to make your campaign for students successful in the social networks. We find the right influencers or turn the target group into influencers and ambassadors ourselves.

Project and personal management

Everything from one source

We are strongly networked in the higher education landscape. This flows into our daily project work. Student campaigns and programs can be managed by us. This saves you time – especially when it comes to the set up and logistics for roadshows and events.

Successful student campaigns and programs

Consulting & new business enquiries

Our team of campus marketing experts, business & product designers with over 15 years of experience will be happy to advise you.

It is a pleasure to meet you as new business director and COO. My goal is to empower teams and individuals to ensure excellent implementation of the communication strategy.

Email: anja.neufert

Phone: +49 351 7962502

As Lead Content & Concept, I look forward to getting to know you. My goal is to develop an excellent concept from insights and analysis and to implement it in content and program management. As an education expert, I provide our clients with over 15 years of domain expertise in consulting and strategy implementation.

Email: kathrin.hauptmann

Phone: +49 351 7962513

Our insights

Our team thinks outside the box. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you.

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