We believe that there is value in exploring and learning from the prototypes, new ventures and digital experiments that didn't quite make the cut. Here we want to showcase the missteps, setbacks, and unexpected discoveries in hopes of inspiring fellow innovators and business model designers. So, take a stroll through our virtual halls of trial and error. Who knows? You might just find the inspiration you need for your next idea, campaign or new UX.


2015 - 2022

Turned off in Sept '22, Ratemate was a service for brands to let their products be tested by real testers.


2011 - 2014

We created Hugleberry as an app to measure the sustainability footprint of each product at its location. The app was then able to recommend the next near available product with a better CO2 footprint.

Social Distance

March 2020 - June 2020

At the beginning of Covid in Europe, we designed and launched a warning app - long before the official Corona app was launched. We quickly learned that non-governmental innovation wasn't wanted.


Jan - Juli 2021

Recording gameplay in 9:16 so that it can be shared to social media channels with only a few steps.


2014 - 2017

Social Media for adults with geo-features like "Join Me". The app was beautifully designed but missed its sweetspot. We focussed too much on the end of the user funnel and not the beginning.


2015 - 2016

Chances was built for students. A very UX driven app that should have helped students to find the right partner for studying. It was also scheduling learning times.


2008 - 2014

WSN has been building an advent calendar every year, mainly for Xbox and Windows Phone. Users could open a door and win prizes every day. It was always beautifully designed.


2018 - 2019

Wize was a platform that was preserving the knowledge of the elders. You had an interface and algo that has been helping kids interviewing their grandparents.


2018 - 2019

Stream helped users who commute to stitch audio content for the time of commute. The app welcomed you by name with a moderator.


2021 - 2022

People in financial trouble had the chance to raise money from friends and relatives to pay their debts. In exchange they were providing services to pay off the debt they had with their friends. The app was prototype only.

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